Lighting up lives

To welcome and provide support to lonely elders by creating a caring, committed extended family around them dedicated to alleviating their isolation and staying by their side throughout their remaining years.


Vacation Gateways for Elders… For real?

Imagine what a few days in the country can mean for isolated seniors who spend most of their time inside the same four walls.     SOME MUCH-NEEDED TIME AWAY Our Elder Friends can take a trip to one of our vacation lodges for the day, overnight or for anywhere up to a full week…. Read more


Voices for Hope collect funds for Little Brothers West Island


  The community choir Voices of Hope, supervised by M. Douglas Knight, has collected funds for several causes, including 835 $ for Little Brothers. The gift will contribute to alleviate senior isolation in the West Island. We are grateful to have received the support of such a prestigious a partner after only a year in… Read more

Who are our Elder Friends?


“At Little Brothers, we walk alongside our Elder Friends. We don’t pull them from ahead or push them from behind – we move forward hand in hand with them, at their pace.” — Josée Giguère, Team Coordinator, Little Brothers – Terrebonne, in an interview with Point de vue, MAtv Terrebonne (around the 18-minute mark)   REACHING OUT… Read more

Surfing Together : Senior Digital Integration


Inquisitiveness, curiosity and willingness to learn: our Elder Friends lack none of these qualities. What they don’t have is an intuitive knowledge of this omnipresent technology. They need a helping hand to get started.   Through Little Brothers’ Surfing Together program, seniors can learn how to connect to the Internet via an iPad. Plus, for… Read more

TestimonyI have always led a very active and stimulating life. A few years ago, when I was told I had macular degeneration, everything turned upside down for me. It was a huge blow to lose my sight, and I started to get depressed. It’s terrible to feel like you’re all alone. But Little Brothers made my days so much brighter. Today, I’m happy because they are in my life. They are my friends. - Ms. Gagné