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Two new nominations to the Executive Board

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT To all of you who support us, A few weeks before the pandemic, Little Brothers completed a Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 whose ambitions were to review and implement a more effective companionship offer for lonely and isolated seniors, to reach out to more of them, and to better accompany them for their entire… Read more


The Little Brothers in the Montreal Gazette!

Discover the history and evolution of the Little Brothers in its mandate to bring dignity and joy to isolated elderly people, by pairing them with a trusted person with who they can create real bonds. We are very proud that the work of our wonderful West-Island team is being put forward. Thanks to the Fondation… Read more


Considering that the population we serve is the most vulnerable to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the fact that many of our Great Friends live in group housing, it is our responsibility as an organization to take all necessary measures to help prevent this virus from spreading. We therefore call upon all Little Brothers employees and… Read more

TestimonyI have always led a very active and stimulating life. A few years ago, when I was told I had macular degeneration, everything turned upside down for me. It was a huge blow to lose my sight, and I started to get depressed. It’s terrible to feel like you’re all alone. But Little Brothers made my days so much brighter. Today, I’m happy because they are in my life. They are my friends. - Ms. Gagné