Board of Directors

Luc Villeneuve, FCPA, FCA, Corporate Director – BIO
Committees: Governance and Nominating | Fundraising and external communication | Ex officio member of all other committees

“Little Brothers is made up of dedicated volunteers who spend time with people in need of affection and friendship: there is no greater gift in life!“

Claude Leblanc, Corporate Director – BIO
Committees: Audit | Fundraising and External Communication
“Remaining active in society, no matter how old you are, and maintaining a high level of social interaction is essential to a person’s life and health. Bravo, Little Brothers.ˮ
Paul Noiseux, CPA, CA – BIO
Committee: Human Resources and Internal Communication
Me Marie-Claude Mailloux, Lawyer, Hydro-Québec, Legal Affairs – Production and Equipment – BIO
Committee: Governance and Nominating
“After several years of volunteering with legal aid and various groups serving underprivileged communities, I wanted to pursue my commitment with a cause that means a lot to me: seniors who are aging alone.”


Sylvie DesRoches, CPA, CA – Fonds de solidarité FTQ, vice-president, internal audit – BIO
Comitee: Audit
«I am proud to join people of heart, who are helping to break the isolation of seniors by bringing sunshine into their lives.»

Ben Marc Diendéré – VIA Rail Canada, Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer – BIO
Comitee: Fundraising and External Communication
“Anyone who knows me knows how important the cause of seniors is to me. This is why I decided to join the organization of Little Brothers, which I know very well and have always admired.”

Louis DuhamelLouis J. Duhamel – Louis J. Duhamel Conseil inc., President – BIO
Comitee: Human Resources and Internal Communication
I’m proud to be part of a caring, committed family that helps seniors feel less alone.”
Eric-Gemme-2015 (carrée)Éric Gemme, CPA, CA (Quebec), CPA (Illinois), EEE, CGMA, CRM – Lassonde Pappas & Company, Chief Financial Officer; Lassonde Industries inc., Senior Vice-President and Senior Advisor – BIO
Committee: Audit
“Life has given me a lot in many ways. Serving on Little Brothers’ Board of Directors is one way of saying thanks and giving back to those in need.ˮ

Dre Paule Lebel, MD – University of Montréal – BIO
Committee: Human Resources and Internal Communication
“For a long time, I have admired the work done by Little Brothers with isolated seniors. Breaking the isolation of seniors is a public health act that has many consequences for the health of this vulnerable population. I feel privileged to join the big team of Little Brothers!”

Anatole PouliotAnatole Pouliot – Communication and Marketing Consultant – BIO
Commitee: Fundraising and External Communication
“As our aging population continues to grow, I feel compelled to do something more to pay it forward. So I’ve chosen to do my part for Little Brothers, where we can all come together – volunteers and Elder Friends alike – and realize how lucky we are to have one another.”

Nicole St-PierreNicole St-Pierre, OTTIMA Solutions – Conseil, President – BIO
Committee: Human Resources and Internal Communication
“After spending their lives building, giving and loving, far too many of our senior citizens end up all by themselves. For decades, Little Brothers and the organization’s volunteers have been bringing friendship and joy into their lives, and I’m happy to put my experience and knowledge to work to advance the cause.”

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