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2015-03 Federation internationale_rencontre Barcelone_fb

General Assembly of the International Federation of the Little Brothers of the Poor – March 2015 in Barcelona. From left to right : Barbara Boryczka – Poland, Pierre Asselin – Chair, Simone Mitchell-Peterson – USA, Jane Langridge – USA, Jean-François Serres – France, Pilar Freixa – Spain, Minister of Social Affairs of the Catalan government, Ms. Nues Munte Fernandez, Francesc Patricio – Spain, Hervé Goarant – Switzeland, Caroline Sauriol – Canada, Barbara Bringuier –international coordinator – France, Wolf Hinsching – Germany, Albert Quiles Martinez – Catalunia, Jim O’Brien – Ireland

Our organization belongs to the International Federation of the little brothers of the Poor, which includes ten member countries and two partner countries and comprises, in 2013, 49,344 seniors and 21,575 volunteers.

Chair : M. Giancarlo Russo,  Board member, les petits frères des Pauvres – France

Treasurer : M. Luc Villeneuve, Chair of Little Brothers – Quebec

Founded in 1979, the Federation allows member organizations to share their experiences, some of which are similar, some of which differ significantly. Each member organization is self-sustaining and self-financing, with no political or denominational affiliations. Armand Marquiset’s spirit is alive and well in the thousands of people around the world who are committed to improving the quality of life of our elderly.

Here in Quebec, Little Brothers regularly hosts visiting volunteers and interns from France in order to make the most of our mutual strengths and interests.

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