Outreach Team


Outreach team

notre equipe - intervenants - Laurier et V.A. femme rognéeEvery day across Quebec, our senior outreach workers take care of our Elder Friends. They ensure that everyone has a place in the Little Brothers family and that the support they receive is adapted to their situation. Our team members listen attentively to our Elder Friends, organize gatherings and activities for them and pair them with volunteer companions. At every meeting, our team members welcome our Elder Friends with a big smile and a warm embrace to show them how much we care.

Cognitive deficit

Our Elder Friends remain a part of the Little Brothers family until their last breath, including those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other conditions that affect their cognitive function. With the help of qualified team members, volunteers organize social activities adapted to their needs and abilities. Our outreach workers also team up with outside partners to offer specialized training (bénévolat/déficit cognitif) to volunteers and the general public on this topic.

Recruiting Elder Friends 

_MG_3464We have several team members in place who actively seek out socially isolated and at-risk seniors who could benefit from our approach. They form relationships with stakeholders in the community – social workers, Meals on Wheels, community health practitioners, etc. Through them and other resources, they identify seniors who are living alone and withdrawn from society. Using an approach rooted respect and confidence, they approach these potential Elder Friends and encourage them to let us into their lives.

Volunteer coordinators MontageBénévoles

Our volunteer coordinators are cheerful, outgoing individuals who specialize in finding, coordinating, training and recognizing the volunteers who are the backbone of what we do here at Little Brothers. They develop personalized solutions to maximize the contributions of every volunteer. And as part of the long-term pairing program, they match up Elder Friends with a suitable volunteer companion – something they seem to have developed a “sixth sense” for!

Regional team coordinators

Like conductors of a symphony orchestra, our regional team coordinators keep our volunteers and committees working together in harmony. They also play a vital role in the recruiting process for both Elder Friends and volunteers and in event planning and fundraising.

Local development team

Because our society is constantly changing, it is important to stay up on the latest trends and develop policies and tools to keep our various chapters in sync and growing in the same direction.

Nicole Dezinde BV Noel 2014Kitchen 

Supported by a wonderful team of volunteers, our kitchen staff have a very important job to do: cook delicious meals that appeal to Elder Friends whose appetites are dwindling or have disappeared altogether. There simply is no better way to provide comfort and a sense of community than by breaking bread together. In fact, many of our Elder Friends say that the group meals are what they like the best about visiting Little Brothers.


Our maintenance personnel makes sure our facilities are always clean and ready to receive our Elder Friends, for a meal or for a variety of other activities where they can interact with other people and establish meaningful relationships.

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