The Privacy Policy defines how the personal information held by Little Brothers regarding Elder Friends, volunteers, donors and other individuals is to be collected, retained and used. Information of this nature must be kept confidential at all times. Read our Privacy Policy The purpose of the Complaints Handling Policy is to ensure complaints, comments and suggestions related to a problem situation or person receive an adequate response. It establishes a fair and efficient procedure designed to resolve any such circumstances in a satisfactory manner and to facilitate constant improvement. Read our Complaints Handling Policy The Prevention of Harassment Policy aims to promote a respectful, harassment-free environment for Elder Friends, volunteers, trainees and employees. It includes a formal, confidential process for disclosing incidents of this nature, offering support to victims and putting an end to all known forms of harassment. Read our Prevention of Harassment Policy To file a complaint under Little Brothers’ Privacy, Complaints Handling or Harassment Policy, contact:

The Disclosure of Wrongdoing Policy sets out a formal, confidential mechanism to disclose concerns about acts that are, or are suspected to be, illegal, immoral or harmful to the organization. Reports will be investigated and various courses of action may be undertaken as a result. To alert us to an incident of wrongdoing, contact auditcommittee@littlebrothers.ca or 1 866 627 8653, ext. 303. Read our   Our Code of Ethics for employees and volunteers is a set of guidelines built around our mission and our values here at Little Brothers. We are committed to being a caring, compassionate and permanent presence in the lives of seniors aged 75 and older and to providing them with a range of free services to fend off social isolation and loneliness. Read our Code of Ethics.

Personal Information Protection

If you have any questions or concerns, if you wish to exercise your rights or if you wish to file a privacy complaint, please contact the following privacy officers:

Caroline Sauriol, Executive Director of Little Brothers Foundation and Martin Goyette, Executive Director of Little Brothers Corporation.

1 866 627-8653 ext. 229




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