Little Brothers proudly accredited under Imagine Canada’s Standards Program

November 15, 2016


Little Brothers took advantage of National Philanthropy Day to announce that it has been accredited under Imagine Canada’s Standards Program. With this achievement, it has joined a growing community of more than 200 Canadian charities and nonprofits, whose operational excellence and governance practices have successfully undergone a thorough review.


“These organizations take accountability and operational transparency very seriously. We’re glad to have them on board,” said Bruce MacDonald, President and CEO of Imagine Canada.

An investment in donor trust

The goals of Imagine Canada’s Standards Program are to enhance the quality, performance and transparency of charities and nonprofits, and to reinforce public confidence in individual organizations and the sector as a whole.

 “The support and trust of our donors mean the world to us. We are extremely grateful to them for doing their part to put an end to senior isolation,” said Luc Villeneuve, Chair of the Little Brothers Board of Directors.

The Imagine Canada Standards Program is a Canada-wide set of shared standards for charities and nonprofits designed to strengthen practices in five fundamental areas:

  • board governance
  • financial accountability and transparency
  • fundraising
  • staff management
  • volunteer involvement.


Transparent peer-review process

Little Brothers’ policies and procedures in these five categories were found to comply with the best practices outlined in Imagine Canada’s Standards Program following a detailed evaluation by a group of volunteers from the sector.

“We decided to seek accreditation from Imagine Canada to confirm to our donors how committed we are to efficiency, good governance and transparency. The entire process has been a constructive one and has even helped us fine-tune our existing practices,” said Caroline Sauriol, Executive Director of Little Brothers.


Changing lonely seniors’ lives for the better

The impact of social isolation on seniors is devastating. The only real solution is to make sure they have a caring, considerate presence they can count on. For more than 50 years, Little Brothers has pledged to be there for Elder Friends, no matter what, up until their final moments. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers and donors, Little Brothers can make an immediate and substantial difference in their lives.

For more information on Little Brothers or for volunteer or donation enquiries, call 514 527-8653 | 1 866 627-8653.


The Imagine Canada Standards Program Trustmark is used under licence by Little Brothers.

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Source: Imagine Canada and Les Petits Frères : communication@littlebrothers.ca

Interviews: Caroline Sauriol, Executive Director, 514 442-6251 csauriol@littlebrothers.ca



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