Léger/Little Brothers poll: Quebecers concerned about social isolation among seniors, but few prepared to take action

May 17, 2017

Little Brothers unveiled on May 13, 2017 the findings of a detailed poll into Quebecers’ perceptions and attitudes about the living conditions of the province’s senior citizens and the social isolation they endure. The poll was conducted by Léger between April 24 and 26, 2017, and surveyed 1,005 men and women 18 and over.

To begin with, Little Brothers was pleased to learn that Quebecers consider the living conditions of the elderly to be a crucial issue. They ranked it second among a choice of five causes (26%), just slightly behind sick children (28%).

Moreover, 94% of respondents said that senior isolation is a significant problem in Quebec, and 95% believe that loneliness and the repercussions of aging alone can have an overall impact on individual health. Of this number, 71% feel that this impact is major.

In light of these findings, however, Little Brothers wonders why so many of our elderly (one out of five) are socially isolated and why Quebecers are not doing more to address the situation.

It is disappointing to observe that only 12% of respondents said they would commit to taking concrete action to help overcome this isolation. An additional 58% indicated they would likely consider it, while 30% said they probably or definitely would not, even though 46% of those polled stated that they themselves may very well end up alone in their final years.

For Little Brothers, these results confirm the importance of the Love Them For Life campaign, launched earlier today. The purpose of this initiative is to raise public awareness and encourage people to show their concrete support in the fight against senior isolation. Quebecers are invited to join the movement and express their caring and compassion at lovethemforlife.ca.

“For over a half a century, Little Brothers’ teams have seen first-hand how hard life is for socially isolated seniors,” said Little Brothers Executive Director Caroline Sauriol. “The warm welcome and unconditional acceptance we give them helps bring new meaning into their lives, knowing that we will always be there for them. Now let’s hope that a large number of people across the province step up to the plate and join the Love Them For Life movement!”

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