Give life new meaning! Volunteer with Little Brothers, the Extended Family for Lonely Elders

August 14, 2017

Little Brothers is currently looking for caring, compassionate individuals who are ready, willing and able to give back to isolated seniors in need. The organization will be holding a province-wide recruiting drive from August 14th to September 15th, 2017.

Lighting up the lives of seniors and volunteers alike

Little Brothers is an extended family for seniors and volunteers – a place where they can form close bonds and bring a ray of sunshine into one another’s worlds. By sharing in their everyday joys and providing support through difficult times, volunteers enhance the quality of life of seniors who would otherwise be left behind. The TLC they provide is a precious and life-changing gift.

Volunteer opportunities

Whether you’re a student, a retiree or somewhere in between, you are invited to share your energy and experience with Little Brothers, while you expand your own horizons and make new friends. You may even wish to consider volunteering as a family. There are multiple volunteer opportunities to explore, depending on individual interests, talents and availability, including long-term pairing with an Elder Friend, event planning, hands-on assistance during vacation getaways, driving and accompanying seniors to activities, lunches and special day trips, home and hospital visits, committee coordination and more.

A desperate need for the elderly to connect with other members of the community

The death of a spouse, the loss of a driver’s licence, limited financial means, and various impairments and chronic conditions are among the reasons a high number of today’s seniors have fewer and poorer social connections. Without a shoulder to lean on or a friendly ear to talk to, many of them are at risk of living, and dying, alone and forgotten. Isolation can take an immense toll on their health and lead to higher levels of anxiety, depression and even suicide. Fortunately, the warmth and companionship they find through the volunteers at Little Brothers has an overwhelmingly positive impact on their well-being, happiness and dignity.

Ever-growing needs

The Little Brothers family welcomed 351 new seniors last year. But the challenge ahead remains a sizeable one, with more than 640,000 people in the 75-and-over age bracket in Quebec, 55,000 seniors suffering from severe isolation and 30% of our elderly population being at risk of social isolation and loneliness. Given the current demographic shifts and longer overall life expectancies, a significant proportion of the population is more vulnerable than ever.

Become a volunteer today

If you would like to volunteer with Little Brothers, we encourage you to call us at 1 866 627-8653 for more information. Or simply complete our online volunteer application form.

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