THEY NEED US MORE THAN EVER. Help us make sure older Quebecers aren’t being forgotten during the COVID-19 crisis.

March 23, 2020

The importance of social connection is particularly apparent these days. Our seniors are the ones who are the most seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, exacerbating the isolation many of them already experience. As a society, we need to take action right away to make sure the senior population is not overlooked. Little Brothers is asking you to be generous in supporting volunteers who are diligently working to make sure the 1650 elderly women and men they serve aren’t being neglected in the midst of this crisis.

“We commend the ideas so many people are coming up with across the province to ease the loneliness being felt by thousands of seniors right now,” said Caroline Sauriol, Executive Director of Little Brothers. “I am appealing to everyone today to help us watch out for the most vulnerable members of our community. We have promised to always be there for them, through thick and thin. Your support is vital at a time that is difficult for everyone, but especially our Great Friends, who have nobody else to turn to besides us… and you!”

More than ever, we have to keep reaching out to them. And we need you to do it.

Knowing that we can continue to count on the dedication of our volunteers, who themselves are coping with the fallout of this public health emergency, means the world to us. We are extremely grateful to each and every one of them. But we also have to face the reality that, with the cancellation or postponement of our spring fundraisers, we will not have the resources we need to deliver on our mission going forward.

To help us continue to serve our Great Friends, we are calling upon the generosity of the population and asking them to make a special donation to Little Brothers. Working with our volunteers, we quickly set up a telephone chain to make sure they are safe, check if they need anything and, above all, take the time to talk to them, reassure them and brighten their day. We will keep this chain of caring and compassion going until things get back to normal. Every dollar donated can make all the difference and let us be there for vulnerable seniors when they need us the most.

An easy way to help from home: Donate to littlebrothers.ca

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