Two new nominations to the Executive Board

February 16, 2022


To all of you who support us,

A few weeks before the pandemic, Little Brothers completed a Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 whose ambitions were to review and implement a more effective companionship offer for lonely and isolated seniors, to reach out to more of them, and to better accompany them for their entire lives.

Two years later, as we have just gone through a global crisis that has greatly impacted us and that is still ongoing, we are pleased to announce that Caroline Sauriol has been appointed Executive Director of the Little Brothers Foundation and that Martin Goyette has joined the organization as Executive Director of the Little Brothers Corporation. This new executive management team will continue to lead the activities of both entities in furtherance of our mission.

In the upcoming months, their combined strengths will be put to work to support our staff and volunteer teams to continue to do what they do best: bring dignity and joy to the seniors of Quebec.

We will need our entire community to pursue this dream and undertake the colossal task of significantly impacting the lives of over 10,000 seniors by 2030.

Read the press release.

Notice of nominations

As part of this change, Caroline Sauriol, who has served as Executive Director of Little Brothers since 2009, will now act as Executive Director of the Foundation. In this position, she will focus on ensuring the financial development of the organization, its outreach, and its sustainability. She will be responsible for the organization’s public and government relations, as well as philanthropic relations with key partners.

In order to optimize the concerted action and impact of the regional teams in the field, Little Brothers is also glad to announce the appointment of Martin Goyette as Executive Director of the Corporation. His responsibilities will include the management of both human and material resources, as well as the planning and optimization of operations and programs for seniors. Previously, Martin Goyette held the position of Executive Director at the Institut Pacifique and at the Dr. Clown Foundation.


“I would like to extend a warm welcome to Martin Goyette within the Little Brothers family! His arrival will allow me to devote myself fully to rally new supporters, donors and partners so that more and more people will support this important cause of the isolation of seniors.” – Caroline Sauriol, Executive Director of the Little Brothers Foundation


“I am thrilled to take on this new challenge together with our employees and our large network of volunteers. Our joint actions will continue to offer a warm presence and individualized companionship to those who find themselves alone in their old age.” – Martin Goyette, Executive Director of the Corporation des Petits Frères


What this news means to you

Like you, our greatest desire is to bring comfort and dignity to seniors. This reorganization will consolidate the structure of the organization and serve as a springboard for a catalyst for a broader set of social and strategic initiatives aimed at breaking the isolation of seniors. This allows us to look to the future with confidence for the greater good of our Great Friends.

To learn more, read the official press release.


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