Centenarian Hall of Fame

Between 2007 and 2012, the number of centenarians (people aged 100 or older) in Quebec skyrocketed from 1,161 to 2,250.[1] Recent statistics show that this trend toward longer life expectancy will continue in the years to come.

At Little Brothers, several of the Elder Friends in our family have reached the 100-year mark. This is a tribute to these centenarians whose life experience is a daily inspiration to us and who are happy to share with us a few of the secrets to their longevity.

It is our pleasure and honour to introduce you to our centenarians that wished to be presented…


soeurs-Goreau-se-parlent-300x191The Godreau Sisters (102 and 105)

The Godreau sisters are artists to the core. The only children of a well-to-do doctor, they received a classical arts-based education. One became a painter and the other a pianist, and both have been involved in several charities over the years. They have lived together all their lives and are definitely two peas in a pod. Their sense of humour gives them a unique perspective on the passage of time.

Madame-Courtemanche_Pierre-Charland-2-300x277Mrs. Courtemanche-Benoît (104)

Mrs. Courtemanche-Benoît loves visiting the Little Brothers centre on Garnier Street and all the activities she does with her volunteer companion, Yolande. In fact, Yolande is the one who got her on television, on the Quebec reality show Donner au suivant. For her 102nd birthday, Little Brothers granted Mrs. Courtemanche-Benoît’s wish of a beauty makeover followed by a night out at a fancy restaurant.

Mrs. Blais (100)

Béatrice-Picard-et-Madame-Blais-centenaire-mai-2015-672x567 (2)Ever cheerful and good-natured, Mrs. Blais treasures every single moment she spends with our volunteers and makes the most of everything that life has to offer. “The most important thing is your health and taking things as they come, day by day. As you age, you learn to appreciate life and slow down, but you also have more and more challenges to deal with as your faculties begin to fail. But my memory is still very good, and I like it when there’s lots of activity going on around me. Everyone at Little Brothers is so nice. It’s wonderful,” she says.


Madame-Morin-2-169x300Mrs. Morin (103)

Mrs. Morin is bright and bubbly – and excellent company. She was a social worker all her life and belonged to a number of associations, always stepping up to help others. She was one of the lucky members of the Quebec contingent that travelled to Paris to celebrate the 100th birthday of Little Brothers founder Armand Marquiset.

Madame-Marcotte-102-ans-2-300x253Mrs. Marcotte (102)

Mrs. Marcotte keeps up on current events and is an avid reader and music buff. She joined the Little Brothers family in 2011, at age 99. She is paired with her Francine and her Pierre and simply adores them both. Oddly enough, she was told as a child that her fragile health would cut her life short. It seems fate had other plans in store for her…


Mrs. Cloutier (102)

As a military wife, Mrs. Cloutier has travelled the world. She has countless stories to tell, which she does with her trademark exuberance and humour. She has been with Little Brothers since 2008. Her advanced age has done nothing to dampen her coquettish charm.



[1] Source: Institut de la statistique du Québec

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