The large family of isolated seniors


Two new nominations to the Executive Board

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT To all of you who support us, A few weeks before the pandemic, Little Brothers completed a Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 whose ambitions were to review and implement a more effective companionship offer for lonely and isolated seniors, to reach out to more of them, and to better accompany them for their entire… Read more

The Little Brothers in the Montreal Gazette!

Discover the history and evolution of the Little Brothers in its mandate to bring dignity and joy to isolated elderly people, by pairing them with a trusted person with who they can create real bonds. We are very proud that the work of our wonderful West-Island team is being put forward. Thanks to the Fondation… Read more


Who are our Elder Friends?

“At Little Brothers, we walk alongside our Elder Friends. We don’t pull them from ahead or push them from behind – we move forward hand in hand with them, at their pace.” — Josée Giguère, Team Coordinator, Little Brothers – Terrebonne, in an interview with Point de vue, MAtv Terrebonne (around the 18-minute mark)   REACHING OUT… Read more

Vacation Gateways for Elders… For real?

Imagine what a few days in the country can mean for isolated seniors who spend most of their time inside the same four walls.     SOME MUCH-NEEDED TIME AWAY Our Elder Friends can take a trip to one of our vacation lodges for the day, overnight or for anywhere up to a full week…. Read more

TestimonyELDERLINESS is still part of life. And Our Elder Friends do have a rich life. Little Brothers has understood this richness and is there to listen to them and surround them with humanity. - Béatrice Picard, Little Brothers’ patron