Celebrations and Outings



Little Brothers’ celebrations throughout the year bring hundreds of Elder Friends together to enjoy special holidays and other events. We celebrate Christmas and Easter, as well as the International Day of Older Persons on October 1, and our many of local chapters hold get-togethers on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, the Fête nationale and Halloween.

It is often at traditional times of the year like these that a lack of family hits particularly hard – which is why Little Brothers  has been hosting SAME-DAY celebrations for 60 years.

Christmas time at Little Brothers 

Dîner 24 décembre à domicile

Christmas Eve

Our volunteers visit hundreds of shut-ins in the Little Brothers family at their place of residence or the hospital, bearing armloads of gifts and a festive meal to savour.

Volunteers’ testimonials

Sharing a meal and a holiday tradition together

“On Christmas Eve, I went to visit with Mrs. Jutras, with a special Little Brothers gift bag just for her. Her face lit right up. She was overjoyed. We hung ornaments on her Christmas tree and she told me over and over again how beautiful it was. She was so grateful. It was more than I expected. When you see that glint in their eyes, you can’t help but feel the same way.”

– Claudette Boudreau, volunteer, Little Brothers – Laval

Watch a video (in French) of our volunteers getting a holiday supper ready for elderly shut-ins in Sherbrooke.

Vidéo préparation du dîner du 24 décembre

Get to know Mrs. Delesi and her volunteer companion, Fabiola Stiven, who spent Christmas Eve together at a long-term care facility in Laval (in French).

Christmas Day

155We extend an invitation to all our Elder Friends who can do so to attend a celebration organized especially for them by their local chapter on the 25th itself. They get dressed up, enjoy a traditional holiday meal, listen to music and hit the dance floor. There’s even a present for them to open. A cheerful team of volunteers is on hand to share in these magical moments with them.

The Montreal Christmas party is a particularly elaborate affair, with 400 Elder Friends and volunteers getting into the holiday spirit at Le Centre Sheraton – our generous venue sponsor since 1985.

Have a peek at our “merry and bright” festivities at Le Centre Sheraton! (in French)


Émilie Lévesque Sherbrooke - estrieplusAfter a long, cold winter, during which many seniors are stuck inside for weeks on end, Easter is a perfect time to mark the return of spring and an excellent opportunity for us to spend a lovely Sunday with our Elder Friends.

Our Easter celebrations are a much-beloved tradition for all our Elder Friends, featuring a scrumptious meal, music and special activities for one and all.

For those who are home- or hospital-bound, we dispatch our army of volunteers in the various communities we serve to “hop over” for a visit – and an extra-special dose of TLC!


Image carte Martine Lacroix pour infolettreMany of our teams organize events at this time of year to raise awareness about and pay tribute to the most venerable members of our society. For the past 15 years, the Elder Friends’ Ball has been organized at the Sherbrooke armoury in conjunction with the members of the 35 Signal Regiment. Among the highlights of the event for Elder Friends and volunteers alike is a dance with live music performed by the Fusiliers de Sherbrooke regimental band.

The current event spokesperson and guest of honour is Émilie Lévesque, a young singer from Saint-Malo who first came into the public eye as a contestant on the popular TV show Star Académie.

The Little Brothers chapter in Rimouski is also known for the lavish brunches they serve up every year to honour Elder Friends in the area.


“At Little Brothers, we walk alongside our Elder Friends. We don’t pull them from ahead or push them from behind – we move forward hand in hand with them, at their pace.”

— Josée Giguère, Team Coordinator, Little Brothers – Terrebonne, in an interview Point de vue, MAtv Terrebonne (around the 18-minute mark)

At Little Brothers, we are proud to arrange a diverse lineup of activities that give our Elder Friends the chance to leave the solitude of their everyday lives behind, if only for a short time.

We invite them to a whole host of outings, including picnics, river cruises, apple-picking trips, pilgrimages to religious sites, tours of public gardens, gardening activities, concerts and more. These are wonderful opportunities to bring a burst of joy into their lives and chase the blues away.

If you want to join us along this path of discovery and inspiration, become a Little Brothers volunteer today. We’d love to welcome you into the fold!

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