One-on-One Visits


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Loss of mobility is a key factor in social isolation among the elderly. This is the day-to-day reality for many of our Elder Friends, confined to their home or room, with little opportunity to see or experience anything else.

Through our home visit program, severely isolated Elder Friends can benefit from the support, empathy and TLC of our dedicated volunteers. These surrogate family members are there for them in good times and in bad: to celebrate their birthday, to be there for them when they are feeling down and to enjoy special times of the year together.

Volunteers also pamper Elder Friends with special treats and surprises to cheer them up and add a little colour and joy to their surroundings, things like a a bouquet of flowers, a picture, a handmade craft or a box of sweets. Every gesture, every show of affection, means the world to a senior and makes them feel less alone.

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2014-05 bénévolat - Pâques hôpital

An extended stay in a hospital ward or care facility is never easy – but just think how much more difficult it is without any visitors to check in on you.

When our Elder Friends are welcomed into Little Brothers’ extended family, they know they will no longer have to face life’s ups and downs alone.

The hospital visit program is designed specifically to lift their spirits when they’re under the weather. They know someone will be coming by for a visit, someone who cares about their condition. Our volunteers take the time to sit with them, hold their hand and bring a little sunshine into their day.

Illness takes a toll on the body, mind and spirit. But having a friend to turn to helps lighten the burden.

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