Quality of Life and Senior Wishes Programs


One out of two seniors in Quebec lives on less than $20,000 a year. [1] This proportion is even higher among our Elder Friends, whose financial situation is oftentimes far from secure. As a result, many cannot afford basic items that would make daily living that much easier.

Socializing can be a challenge if your dentures are always slipping out, your hearing aid isn’t working properly or your glasses aren’t strong enough. Mother Nature sometimes needs a helping hand so that our Elder Friends can connect with other people.

That’s where our Quality of Life program steps in, making it possible for our Elder Friends to acquire eyewear, hearing aids, dentures, prosthetic devices, wheelchairs, adjustable beds, air-conditioning units, kitchen appliances and other life-changing items.

Under this program, Elder Friends are allowed to shop free of charge at the La Boutique thrift shop in Montreal, featuring a wide range of donated items that can facilitate their day-to-day tasks. They also have exclusive access to quality second-hand apparel available through our clothing counters in Sherbrooke and Oka.

I was proud to wear my new outfit to the Christmas party!

Monsieur Richard et la rose“To Sylvie at Little Brothers, I love it when you call me to invite me out to lunch or dinner at Little Brothers. I enjoy seeing the other Elder Friends there, too. I feel right at home in that beautiful house on Garnier Street, and it’s great to get the chance to sing and dance a little. The suit, two shirts and a pair of shoes you gave me were such a wonderful gift. I was proud to wear my new outfit to the Christmas party. Thank you for being there for my birthday and checking in on me regularly while I was in the hospital.”
— Mr. Richard, Elder Friend 


Rêves Madame Plourde Helicoptère

“The power to dream is the power to feel alive – no matter what your age!”

— Madame Plourde, Elder Friend, who was treated to a helicopter tour for her 96th birthday.

Like any of us, our Elder Friends have dreams. Dreams that are born in their heart and take shape in their imagination. They are a source of hope and joy. Dreams, like friends, are an essential part of life.

Family members listen to one another’s dreams and do what they can to make them come true. At Little Brothers, through our Senior Wishes program, our volunteers strive to turn our Elders’ fondest dreams into reality – no matter how big or small.

Maybe it’s a trip back to their hometown, a meal at a fancy restaurant, a stay at a campground, seats at a hockey game, a fishing expedition, the chance to meet a celebrity or tickets to the opera: anything is possible!

Our donors, our volunteers and several of our partners embrace this belief that our Elder Friends deserve the right to dream, whatever their age. We want them to have something to look forward to and to be there to share in their joy when their most heartfelt wishes are granted.


Mme Richard et Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge en parachute

 “Now, instead of focusing on being alone, I can think back on how much fun I had.”

— Mrs. Richard, in a letter thanking us for her parachute jump.

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“Nothing is more beautiful than the countryside where I grew up!”

— Mrs. Marcotte, Elder Friend, while travelling to her hometown of Wotton

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DSC01871 (2)

“Celebrating my 88th birthday in Paris is better than anything I could’ve ever dreamed of.”

— Mrs. Decelles, Elder Friend, who was treated to a surprise birthday celebration in the City of Lights

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