Little Brothers’ 2,900 volunteers change lives in communities throughout Quebec every single day. They are caring, compassionate individuals who enjoy giving of their time to experience special moments, big and small, with our Elder Friends.

With a 94% volunteer satisfaction rating, it is clear that, after 60 years, Little Brothers continues to offer highly rewarding volunteer experiences.

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“You became a second family for me when I was at my lowest, after my wife passed away. We really need people like you by our side!”

Mr. Hardy, Elder Friend, with Pierre Forcier, volunteer



Overcoming my own loneliness through Little Brothers 

155“After meeting lots of new people, calling Elder Friends to introduce myself before I went to pick them up and interacting with other volunteers at various activities, I started to get over my natural shyness. I’m much more comfortable in groups now and I don’t feel as lonely as I used to.”

– Sylvie Deshaies, volunteer, Little Brothers – Montreal


“I love Little Brothers. They’re my reason to live.”

– Mrs. Alain, 81, Elder Friend


Beautiful moments at the Oka vacation lodge  

Dîner-Glorianne-Oka-2009-0041“One of the volunteer activities I’ve been particularly fond of in the past 10 years has been accompanying seniors to the Juliette Huot Vacation Lodge in Oka. I work with the other volunteers and spend five days making sure our Elder Friends get as many chances as possible to enjoy nature and participate in outings that lift their spirits. Going there gives me a chance to talk to our guests – they have so much life experience to convey. Hearing their stories and sharing in these beautiful moments fills me with happiness.

 I plan to keep helping out our Elder Friends as long as I can. I’m here because of them.”

– Benoît Descôteaux, volunteer, Little Brothers – Montreal (10 years of service)





 Pairing program 

“I feel very lucky and honoured to have been paired with Madame Aurélie. She’s a true friend – my oldest friend. I hope we have lots of wonderful moments still ahead of us.”

– Sylvie Tremblay, volunteer, Little Brothers – Saguenay, paired with Madame Aurélie since



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