Volunteering Options

There are several volunteering options available to you here at Little Brothers.

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Develop a uniquely warm and rewarding relationship by keeping in regular touch with an Elder Friend. Celebrate special moments together, such as their birthday and major holidays. These are some of the things you can accomplish when you volunteer with the pairing program. It is a concrete way of making a real difference in someone’s life.

Interested in giving this precious gift and receiving more than you can imagine in return?

Find out more in the pairing program section


Do you like to drive? Great! Because we’re looking for people to take our Elder Friends where they need to go and be a helper and companion once they get there. You will interact with Elder Friends and fellow volunteers and facilitate socialization.


Bénévole-vacancesOur Elder Friends’ favourite activity is undoubtedly our vacation getaways, either at Domaine Juliette Huot in Oka or our Lac Saint-Joseph Lodge, near Quebec City. Our volunteers make it possible for them to enjoy the fresh country air for five whole days, take part in a variety of activities, go on outings and savour homemade meals. You will be there at every activity, helping at mealtime, kitchen cleanup and, in some instances, personal care – all in a warm family environment.


Senior Wishes program

We believe that our Elder Friends should continue to dream and enjoy the best possible quality of life. When we can help make these dreams come true, we do. Maybe it’s supper at a fancy restaurant. Maybe it’s a visit to see a family member who lives far away. Or maybe it’s a helicopter tour. Whatever the dream, the Senior Wishes program is here to make it happen!

Join our committee and bring these experiences to life!

Bandeau Rêves
Quality of Life program

Many of our Elder Friends are forced to make ends meet on a limited income, which means they may decide to forgo certain items that would otherwise greatly improve their day-to-day living. The Quality of Life program helps meet these needs by assisting in the purchase of glasses, prosthetic devices, beds, air-conditioning units, appliances and more.

Local coordinating committees

Each of our communities needs volunteers to visit Elder Friends and sit on their local coordinating committee. The committee is responsible for organizing events, forging ties with local partners, overseeing treasury operations, making transportation arrangements and raising funds.

Join one of our local coordinating committees. Put your people skills and management abilities to work to bring Little Brothers’ services to deserving seniors in your area.


155Little Brothers’ celebrations can bring together up to 400 Elder Friends and volunteers to enjoy important events throughout the year:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • October 1 (International Day of Older Persons)
  • And more…!

You can help out! Perhaps you could pick up an Elder Friend and give them a ride – and then stick around as their special guest. Or you could visit a shut-in, with a hearty meal and gift in tow to mark a special occasion.


2014-05 bénévolat - Pâques hôpitalSpend time with an Elder Friend who can no longer get out and about. Be a treasured source of comfort and companionship, especially during the more challenging times. Show them that they matter to someone.

Feel like reaching out to lonely seniors?


Naviguons ensembleUsing our iPad activity kit, you can help an Elder Friend explore the digital world. This is an excellent approach for starting up a new friendship and sharing your skills in a meaningful way.


Nicole Dezinde BV Noel 2014As Elder Friends age, their appetite starts to wane. Many have told us that one of the reasons they love coming to Little Brothers is that our food is so tasty and comforting.

You could be part of the team that assists professional cooks in creating delicious meals that nourish both body and soul.


Brighten our Elder Friends’ day with a group outing to various local points of interest. Picnics, tours of public gardens or churches, boat trips, apple-picking, shopping, live shows… the list goes on and on!

Be there to see their eyes light up as they enjoy these unique experiences.


Our hospitality volunteers make sure that everything is ready to go to welcome a new group of Elder Friends to our activities. They prepare the rooms and greet guests with a warm smile and a double-kiss on the cheek. They offer them something to drink, chat with them, serve their meals and clean up afterward. Sound like something you would like to do?


IMG_6412The Little Brothers thrift shop on the corner of Garnier and Gilford in Montreal sells second-hand clothing and other items received from donors. This volunteer position involves sorting through donations, making minor repairs where necessary and arranging sale-ready merchandise on store shelves. The proceeds are used to fund Little Brothers’ programs. The thrift shop is a different and highly useful way to acquire work experience, support society’s senior citizens and promote sustainable environmental management.

Are you green at heart?


Acompagnement fin de vieWith Little Brothers, our Elder Friends will have someone to turn to, right up until the end. They will receive ongoing support and companionship throughout this final journey. Your presence will help ensure the process is as peaceful and dignified as possible.

It is a unique experience and a true privilege to be a part of something so intimate yet so fundamentally human. Special training is available to make sure you have the necessary resources to fall back on when the time comes.

You wish to get involved?